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ID Ecological Management has been involved in contract land management works since 1987, delivering these services to both the public and private sectors. Environmental systems where work is regularly undertaken include: wetland, riparian, coastal, forest, woodland and grassland across a broad area of the Port Phillip & Gippsland regions. 

Our team of operators have a comprehensive knowledge that covers all aspects of the land management industry, specialising in rehabilitation of degraded landscapes, environmental weeds and pest animals, and are proficient at identifying both indigenous and exotic flora. They are capable of decision-making about treatment options, in planning for the work and also in the field, and are strong in stakeholder engagement and communication. We consider record keeping, data collection and reporting to be an integral component of the service that we deliver and incorporate these techniques into all of the projects that we undertake. 

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  • Offset Management – Management plan implementation, actual works, monitoring and data collection, reporting. 

  • Specialised Weed Control – Herbicide application (selective and non-selective using a ranges of delivery methods including knapsack, high volume and broad acre), woody weed control (chainsaw, hand removal, chipping, grooming, mechanical removal), hand / manual removal, slashing / mowing / brushcutting. 

  • Fuel Reduction / Fire Hazard – Firebreak installation, slashing and grooming of vegetation, mechanical removal of vegetation / fuel loads, chipping. 

  • Revegetation – Site preparation, direct seeding, translocation, planting of tubestock, hiko’s and cell’s, installation of jute matting and plant protection measures, maintenance of plantings. 

  • Arborist –Tree felling, climbing, selective pruning, chipping / mulching, accredited operators. 

  • Pest Animal Control - Fumigation, trapping, baiting, warren ripping, monitoring & reporting. 

  • Fencing - Low impact sustainable fencing, post & wire fencing, post & rail fencing, stock exclusion fencing, feature landscape fencing, rabbit & deer proof fencing, and all other rural fencing. 

  • Monitoring & reporting – Fauna camera installation, photopoints, flora & fauna surveys, GPS mapping.

  • STA Loggers - GPS units mounted to knapsacks and high volume rigs. Allow for the tracking of weed control works and logging when and where the nozzle is depressed. Data analysis and maps can be produced of areas traversed and sprayed showing concentrations of weeds and show the work locations from previous visits.

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