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Client: Melbourne Water
Duration: 2019 - 2022

Project - Vic Desal: Headliner


The Frog Hollow Wetlands are a grouping of wetland cells along the Eumemmering Creek.  The series of ponds constructed by Melbourne Water were designed to filter storm water run-off as part of their Healthy Bays Initiative. Each pond at Frog Hollow Nature Reserve performs different functions by removing solids and contaminants from the water. Although man-made, these ponds mimic and enhance the natural function of the original wetlands.

These wetlands form a significant catchment area managing overflow from frequent flooding of the creek. ID Ecological Management revegetated a total area of 27,069m2 in 2019-2020 with a mixed species planting of aquatic and terrestrial plants to restore functionality and increase biodiversity to these significant wetlands.  


Activities undertaken during this project include:

  • Undertaking wetland planting in Deep Marsh, Shallow Marsh and Ephemeral Zones.

  • Manipulation of water levels.

  • Installation of jute matt perimeter.

  • Construction of bird protection netting around revegetated areas.

  • Conducting maintenance and weed control.


Project highlights:

  • Achieved 80% success and coverage rate.

  • Return of wetland function and increase to biodiversity.  

Project - Vic Desal: Projects
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Frog Hollow.jpg
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