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Client: Parks Victoria 
Duration: 2017 – 2021 

Project - Vic Desal: Headliner

ID Ecological Management have had the privilege of working at Wilsons Promontory National Park. Which many consider to be the crown jewel of Victoria. We have undertaken works throughout the mainland of the park for numerous years, conducting various specialty weed control programs such as grassland restoration works in The Isthmus (a sandy isthmus that connects Wilsons Promontory to mainland Victoria) as well as sea spurge control at various locations along the stunning Promontory coastline. Recently, we have been involved in undertaking specialty woody weed control across four of the Promontories islands located along the northern section of the park. Where access to and from islands had to be boat carried out in conjunction with a local operator.  


Activities undertaken during this project include:

  • Mapping, carried out by our qualified staff using Arc Collector 

  • Logistics, planning, and communication with various stakeholders including Park Victoria 

  • Following cultural heritage maps with exclusion areas

  • A combination of various cut & paint techniques and specialist knapsack spraying 


Project highlights:                                                        

  • Cultural Heritage training 

  • Working in and enhancing one of Australia’s most environmentally and culturally significant assets. 

Project - Vic Desal: Projects
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